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Guide to apply for the NHR, on the portal das finanças:

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Bruna Ahmad Eid · Oct 11, 2023
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1. Enter to the tax authority website

portal home screen

2. Login to your account by clicking on “Iniciar Sessão” (on the top right of the page), that will lead to the following page image, where you insert your login details (NIF and password):

portal login page

3. Type of the search bar “Residente não habitual” and press enter/search:

portal login page

4. Choose the option "Entregar Pedido":

portal login page

5. You will be directed to the application page, where you shall confirm your data, and insert:

  • The year of beginning (and the year of the ending will be automatically inserted – 10 years ahead)
  • The country where you have your last residency before moving to Portugal

Tick the checkbox next to the statement: "Declaro, sob compromisso de honra, que reúno os requisitos para ser considerado não residente nos cinco anos anteriores ao ano ..."

And click on the “SUBMETER” button

portal login page

6. The next page is the confirmation of the NHR application

portal login page

If you want a proof of the submission of the application, click on the “EXPORTAR” button.

The decision will be available for consultation on the Portal in the next couple of days.

Good Luck!

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