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Bruna provided legal support and guidance through my first property investment in Portugal. Not only did she help me to demystify and understand the process, we worked as a team which meant a lot to me as I was purchasing on my own, in my new country, and not yet able to speak the language. Bruna provided clarity, calm, and communicated clearly at every step, I had full trust in her and her dilligence and was able to progress to deed with full clarity and confidence. I highly recommend Bruna and will always use her as my first legal point of contact from now on.

I reached out to Bruna in a panic and confusion as I needed to get my NHR status sorted in a short timeframe. Not only did she provide the help I needed, she also did it with empathy and in great spirits! I will work with Bruna again if I ever need a lawyer. She's kind and knows what she's doing. What more can you ask for? If you're looking for a lawyer in Portugal, look no further!

I came to Bruna after being frustrated with other services I found on upwork. The level of support I received from Bruna was fantastic and levels above anything I have dealt with in the past. Bruna was a breath of fresh air to communicate with, she is knowledgeable and clear in her communication, which is hugely important when dealing with so many technicalities. I would highly recommend Bruna to anyone looking to gain residency and NHR in Portugal but also for any other service in general, she does a great job and all with a smile, she showed some great patience with me in explaining processes and how to manage the Portuguese system. I am delighted to say I am now a resident of Portugal and fully benefiting from the incentives that are available for expats in Portugal because of Bruna.

Bruna is a dedicated and hardworking lawyer who helped me to resolve a number of complex issues in a short window of time. Bruna is passionate about her work and always goes above and beyond to ensure her clients receive the best possible outcome. She has a reputation for being detail-oriented and thorough, which has earned her the trust of her clients.

Remote friendly

You don’t need to be in Portugal to start your business, negotiate a property, settle a contract and deal with your tax issues. To enable you to reach your goals by distance, we will gather the necessary documentation to represent you and execute your projects wherever you are.

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We begin by scheduling a consultation to understand your unique legal needs, challenges, and objectives. This initial discussion allows us to gather essential information and lay the groundwork for developing a customized strategy, services and deadlines.

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We will promptly respond to your inquiries, keep you updated on the progress of your case, and work closely with you as a trusted partner, allowing us to adapt the strategies and services timely as needed.

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Due to professional regulations, we are not allowed to release pricing details. However, upon request and after evaluating the specifics of your case, we will gladly provide you with a tailored pricing quote.

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